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Furry Oceanographer

The Raptor in a Wolf's Costume

Far Raptor
18 November 1979
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So you've stumbled onto the Livejournal of a furry oceanographer.

You'll probably learn a lot more about me over time and from the entries and pictures I put here.

Water sports are my pastime, especially diving, surfing, kayaking, and everything on terra firma. Rock climbing, paintball, backpacking and trekking are also my favorites; walk with me to the lava flows of Kilauea, or lets surf down the waves of a distant sea. In short, that's what this raptor likes to do with his time. Care to join me?

I also enjoy furry; most specifically fursuiting. That's mostly the purpose of this journal, in fact: to keep up on the entries of those furry friends I have met in my time with the fandom.

I live by the following simple motto: "Do something every day that scares you, then live a life in wonder of the Deep Blue Sea."